Spectrum RP 6000

Spectrum RP 6000

  • bottle
  • jar

Filling and capping monoblock

  • fully automatic function
  • 32 position intermittent star-wheel
  • depending on the cap type, the system uses either a vibratory bowl or a rotary sorter


max 7 200 pcs/h max 500 ml


The Spectrum RP 6000 rotary filling and capping monoblock is intended for filling liquid and cream products into various types of packages. The system is fully automatic.

The system is equipped with two or four volume positive displacement pumps of selectable volumes and a one-head capping system. The filled dose can be adjusted gradually. 32 position intermittent star-wheel is controlled by a precise CAM drive. For the needs of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, it is possible to fill the product by means of a peristaltic pump or a gear pump.

All parts that are in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and can be easily dismantled for cleaning and sanitation.

As an accessory, another capping group for application of under-caps (droppers, roll-ons etc.) can be included. Spectrum can be equipped with an inspections system, which can check the presence of under-caps and caps with reject, camera and weighing system etc. Standard inspection and protection features, such as stop filling if a bottle is missing, or slip of the carousel in case of blockage, are included in the basic set.

For the orientation of smaller caps and under-caps, polished stainless steel vibratory bowls are used. The bowls can be supplemented with soundproofing and anti-dust covers. For orientation of bigger caps, a rotary sorter or a waterfall system (cap elevator) is used.

For caps with a difficult application, the machine is usually equipped with a pick and place cap attachment system.

Technical data


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